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Aquí hay algunas preguntas frecuentes.

  • What is the maximum speed limit?
    The maximum speed limit depends on the model of the scooters or E-bike. Each model has differents speed limit. click on the model and look throught the description/specification you will see the max speed.
  • Do I need a license to ride my scooter on the street?
    No, scooters under 20 miles dont required a license to ride on the street and dont need registration but please check your local MVA, every states have different rules and regulation
  • Do I need a Helmet to ride my scooter?
    Yes, for safety reason.
  • Can I ride my scooter in the rain or snow?
    Yes but below (2) inches of rain or snow.
  • How do you determing the Watts Hours (WH) and Mileage (M) of jarwlee E-Scooters, E-Bikes, E-Skateboards and Alloy Folding E-scooters?"
    Watt hours is a way to measure the energy capacity of a battery pack, so you know what to expect from your new E-bikes, E-Scooters, E-Skateboards and Alloy Folding E-Scooters in terms of range performance. To calculate the watt hours (WH) of our battery pack, simply multiply the voltage by the amp hours (Ah) of the pack. For example; A 36-volt 10-Ah battery pack has 360 watt hours (36 X 10 = 360). If you are nitty with your energy usage, each mile you travel will cost you about 20 watt hours. Therefore a 360 watt hour pack will get you about 18 miles, which is 360/20=18. The range can vary widely depending on where you ride, your body weight and how you ride.
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